Our Mission

Soundelux is the premier San Diego car audio shop. We offer all kinds of services ranging from basic car stereo installation, to full customized vehicle modifications. Soundelux has been servicing the San Diego car stereo installation, as well as Chula Vista car stereo installation needs for almost 20 years. We pride our selves in selling and installing only high quality products.

We here at Soundelux we strive to be the top shop for San Diego car audio needs. The work we do is unmatched in the San Diego car audio installation area. We have been voted as a top 50 shops in the US as well as top installer in the US (Kenny the owner has been voted top installer since 2007). We take an extreme amount of pride and thought into all the projects we complete. We only take on 1 big job at a time so we can put all our focus and attention on one thing,and that is to be the best car audio installation shop in San Diego.

Popular Questions

Absolutely you can improve your systems sound quality and loudness while keeping your stock head unit. We use audison DSPs to maximize your systems potential allowing newer vehicles to keep the factory head units.
Depending on the model of head unit you purchase, it is possible to fully integrate your phones functionality into your factory setup giving you hands free capabilites.
Usually we are able to connect a back up camera into your factory display unit. Contact us and we will let you know what we are able to do with your current head unit.

Soundelux car audio in Chula Vista's shop hours are from 9a - 6p Monday through Friday. You are always welcome to stop by if you have any questions about our car stereo installation services.

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