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Installations, Upgrades, and Custom Fabrications.

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Seamless Installations

Want an upgraded system without the flashy setup? Ask about our seamless installations.

Custom Fabrication

Our custom fabricated audio setups are built right here in our workshop.

Factory Upgrades

Looking for a complete upgrade that looks factory? We have you covered.

Car Audio Services

alpine halo car audio head unit

Head Units

We carry a wide range of car audio head units and can help you select the right model. We have a head unit that will fit into your vehicle regardless of how old your car or truck is. Most models will integrate with your phone allowing you to control your phone's functionality safely from your stereo display.

Hertz car audio speakers

Component Speakers

We have a set of car audio speakers that will fit perfectly and sound amazing in your vehicle. We are often able to replace the stock speakers and fit a new set of component speakers in the factory location. If you are looking to increase the size of your stock speakers or add component tweeters and or mid-range speakers, we can make everything fit together and look like it came that way from the dealer.

JL Audio amplifier


We carry a wide range of car audio amplifiers and have the perfect amplifier for any application. No matter if you need to add bass or want to increase the output of your car speakers, Soundelux will give your vehicle the love it deserves.

JL Audio subwoofer

Subwoofers and Enclosures

If you are looking to add a little bass to your car stereo, or you are building a new competition system and are after window shattering bass, Soundelux has the perfect subwoofers and enclosures for your application. We offer custom built speaker enclosures that can maximize your new sub's output or minimize the amount of space your new box takes up.. or somewhere in the middle, we can give your stereo the performance you desire.

Sound Dampening

Does your new car stereo system rattle your car louder than your subwoofer hits? Our sound dampening service can help eliminate all the unwanted vibrations and improve your overall sound quality. Give your car and your ears the love they deserve using Soundskins sound dampening materials.

helix dsp

Digital Signal Processors | DSPs

Newer cars have much more complex stock stereo systems that many customers want to keep in place. With the improvements in digital signal processing technology from companies like Audison and Helix, we are now able to greatly increase the sound quality coming out of these factory head units.

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Highly Trained Professionals

Our staff of highly trained professionals are always learning about new mobile electronics technology, products, and installation techniques. We are confident in our abilities and can guarantee the best results you will ever get.