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Seamless Installations

Want an upgraded system without the flashy setup? Ask about our DSP integration.

Custom Fabrication

Our custom fabricated audio setups are built right here in our workshop.

Factory Upgrades

Looking for a complete upgrade that looks factory? We have you covered.

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Jeep Audio Services

Audio Installation

You can select the right Jeep audio setup from our wide range of specific Jeep components. If you want studio-quality sound or loud enough to blow your ears off, let us help you enjoy your favorite music like never before.

jeep auxiliary lights and accessories

Aux Lighting and Accessories

SounDelux has an extensive line of Jeep lighting and accessories. Auxiliary truck lighting serves a variety of purposes, including illuminating the trail during storms or providing extra lighting in poor weather conditions. LED lights are now incorporated into grilles, grille guards, bull bars, and a variety of other accessories, making it both functional and look great.

Sound Dampening

Using SoundSkins pre-cut Jeep kits sound-dampening materials, you can give your ears and Jeep the love they deserve.

Are you getting more vibration out of your new stereo system? With our sound dampening service, you will be able to eliminate all the unwanted vibrations and improve the overall quality of your sound.

truck electric side steps

Electric Side Steps

Electric side steps make accessing your lifted Jeep easier. These electric-powered running boards instantly extend when you open your door, and retract out of sight when the doors close.

backup camera

Camera Installation

This adaptable vehicle security camera can be installed on the front, side, or back of your vehicle. Paired with one of EchoMaster's many dashboard, freestanding, or rearview mirror monitors, or integrated into your existing factory screen, driving has never been easier.

Functional even at low light levels, this camera sports a wide field of view, durable waterproof construction, and selectable parking lines for extra guidance and security.

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Highly Trained Professionals

Our staff of highly trained professionals are always learning about new mobile electronics technology, products, and installation techniques. By attending all Mobile Solutions training courses, we stay up to date on fabrication techniques and the latest styles. As well as attending vendor training events such as Knowledge-Fest, Sema, and C.E.S.

We are confident in our abilities and can guarantee the best results you will ever get.